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Confirmation Timeline

(Due dates 2017-2018 - 8th Grade 2 Yr Program)
Download Timeline - 8th Grade 2 Yr Program (8th Grade 1 Yr Program)

Show times for practice and Confirmation may change!!!

Confirmation Packet

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This fall the eighth grade students at Holy Childhood School and in the PSR are continuing their faith journey toward Confirmation. There are usually several paperwork items that need to be taken care of early in the preparation process. Below you will find information regarding Confirmation, and hopefully, many of your questions will be answered by the following descriptions.

Choose a Sponsor

Each Candidate for Confirmation must choose a sponsor. A sponsor should be someone other than your parents who can mentor and encourage you through the year and beyond.

A sponsor must be:

Important Information

Although there is quite a bit of information requested on the Registration for Confirmation sheet, Candidates need to know First Communion information for the Shield Project.

Date of First Communion _____/_____/_____

Place and Address of Baptism

Here are a few details about Confirmation:

PRACTICE will be held the day before Confirmation from 3:45 until about 5:00. It could be a bit before or a bit after 5:00. It depends on how things go. Sponsors are welcome at the practice, but are not required to attend

Dress code for Confirmation (under the robes):

All students will wear the red robes before, during and after Confirmation.

Sponsors: Please remind your child's sponsor to be modestly and conservatively dressed.

Girls: Dress or a skirt/blouse of knee length or below. Dress slacks are also an option

Boys: Dress slacks (no cargo, no jeans)

Anyone unsure of the appropriateness of their outfits may bring them to school for clarification. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions


Registration sheet for Confirmation

Service Projects information

Project time sheet & reflection page- Family

Project time sheet & reflection page- Parish

Project time sheet & reflection page - Community

Shield information

Letter to the Bishop: information

Things to Know